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“It shall be done”  -Darth Vader-

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My map project

Sam1521 The Nova Tortius Terrarum Orbis Greek Gods and the New Worlds final draft


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my line

From Driving around the state thinking much about nothing, the Legend of Zelda, and the zen of hiking.


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Where Am I From?… Nowhere

I am from Introspective
From gazing into myself
And wondering, “Why?”
From listening to others
With solidarity and learning
About myself.
To seeking the intricacies
Of the world and relating
Them to me.
As I gaze at the world,
I search for myself,
As the world stares at me,
I find my fears and hide
From the grammar rules
Of “hide” and “hid”, I cower.
With grudging dependency,
I rely on spelling.
To the beauty and terror of
Communication, I cry.
I cry because I see myself wherever I speak.
I cry because I am afraid
That I will be lost.
I cry
Because I do not know who I am.





I am found because I am lost. I am lost because I am found. I cry becaus I know I am lost, but rejoice because I aknowledge the fact that I am lost. Finding yourself and loosing yourself are subjective, and while you do one, you also do the other. Loosing your lost self and finding your observed self. So I say, that I am nowhere, not lost, not found, somewhere in the middle. I know where I want to go, I know what I am, but I do not know where I am, and because I do not know where I am, I cannot know entirly who I am… or can I?

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the everyday wonders of OKC

My map consists of several photographs of different areas around OCU and the Oklahoma City downtown area posted in sections and connected by red ribbon to multiple areas on a map. The ribbon represents the areas in which the photographs were taken, and hopefully gives an incite to the layout of Oklahoma City. You’ll notice most of the pictures taken were along a certain road and areas. That is because the pictures were all taken on bicycle and those roads are the safest I know for a bike around OCU.

My intent for this map was, not to give a detailed view of an area, but a broad look at the entirety of OKC through these pictures. However, due to safety conserns made by several people who I told this to, I retrained myself to only a small area that gives a good overview of OKC.


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a map of the OKC downtown square

I call it the downtown square because this is the area in which most of  the Oklahoma city downtown area resides. The area is fairly easy to transverse by bike (which is what I am doing), and has a wide diversity of places for which to to take pictures.

I am trying to make a map of everyday places for Oklahoma Cityins, this map includes pictures of houses, parks, restraints, and other interesting areas that are relevant to everyday life in OKC. I which I could find more and more places, but with the time factor, I do not know how many places I can find by myself. I do not have a picture of the map yet however.

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the true: Visuall Analysis of The Nova Tortius Terrarum Orbis Greek Gods and the New Worlds final draft

this is the corrected version of the my visual analysis

Sam1521 The Nova Tortius Terrarum Orbis Greek Gods and the New Worlds final draft

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Visuall Analysis of The Nova Tortius Terrarum Orbis

Here it is in its OK glory

Sam1521 The Nova Tortius Terrarum Orbis Greek Gods and the New Worlds final draft

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my progress w/o pictures


ENGL 1213

Dr. Hessler

8 April 2012

The Nova Tortius Terrarum Orbis:

Greek Gods and the New World

                The Austrian cartographer Gerard van Schagen (UvA) crafted the map Nova Tortius Terrarum Orbis”, The New Map of the World, (Dixie Hendrix) in 1689 to depict an ornate depiction of the world in 1689. The map consists of four circles, two large and connected, and two smaller and separate, that depict the world. The two large, conjoined circles depict the eastern and western hemispheres of the world. While the smaller, separate circles depict the north and south poles. Boarding the map, ornate illustrations depict Greek gods and goddesses interacting with mortals and their brethren. While the map provides insightful, if not geographically obscure, depictions of the political states of the world, the intricate boarders provide insight into the beliefs of the artists and the ideas of the world according to the European nations.

Beginning with the physical map of the world, when compared to a world map of today, the Nova Tortius terrarium Orbis obscures the geography of the Earth. Although the map includes both the eastern and western hemispheres, indicating the discovery of, and partial exploration of, the new world, much of the Northern continent appears missing. Most likely, that area remained unexplored during Schagen’s cartographical inquiries. Also, every continent appear drastically obscure when compared to a more modern day map. These misshaped continents probably resulted from the less accurate visual observations and hand rendered mapping techniques of the time. However, the fact that Schage made a map as accurate as he did with his present resources deserves accreditation.

Nonetheless, the omission and distortion, malevolent or not, of geographical structures casts a mist over the true face of the earth for those who seek it. For a sailor, a faulty description of the Latitude and longitude could spell days of extra voyaging, where an accurate map could direct him to his destination relatively safely.


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starting up

Map of the old world 1698

a new map june 2000


roman gods:

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